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Take advantages of Big Data techniques to increase conversion rate of your website

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    Acquire customers more intelligently. Find out which categories of your visitors are more likely to convert and learn which acquisition strategies tend to be more profitable for you.

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    Discover strong and weak sides of your website. Learn which parts of your website positively affect conversion rate and which ones make your visitors leave the site.

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    Understand your customer needs more deeply and create outstanding customer experiences.

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    Totally free and very easy to use - no special skills required to get started. Tracking code can be set up in a few minutes.

What Makes DatMachine Different?

Visitor segmentation.

Attaching visitors to different clusters will help you to understand needs of different types of customers more deeply and find unexpected patterns in visitors' behavior on your website.


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Multidimensional analysis.

Analyze behaviour of your visitors in multiple dimensions such as location, type of device, acquisition channel in order to better understand who you target customer actually is, evalute quality of different marketing channels and improve customer experience on your web site.

Most significant pages.

Find out which pages of your website affect conversion rate the most. Discover which pages help you to convert site visitors into paying customers and which ones make your customers leave the site unsatisfied.

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